woman receiving acupuncture
woman receiving acupuncture

How Acupuncture Can Help After a Car Accident

Doctor David Jenkins Orlando Chiro

Written by: Dr. David Jenkins

Published: April 16th, 2019

Even a car accident as simple as a fender bender can leave physical and emotional scars for life. Some of the most common types of injuries caused by an auto accident are neck and back pain, which are often associated with whiplash. The violent head shaking that can accompany car accidents is enough to leave one’s neck hurting for days if not for life, especially if the injury is left untreated for any amount of time.

whiplash neck pain

Fortunately, you most likely will not have to experience this pain your whole life. You can seek treatment for both short- and long-term care. Neck acupuncture has been a means for treating whiplash longer than modern medicine has had a diagnosis for the condition. Here is what you should know about treating whiplash with neck acupuncture, including why it may be the best option for your pain.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of treatment that requires the use of very thin needles. These needles are inserted in specific locations of the body at various depths depending on the person’s ailment. The theory behind acupuncture is that there are certain points in the body known as meridians. Through these points runs vital energy for the body known as “qi” or “chi.”

During an acupuncture treatment, the patient lies down on their back, side, or front. The needles used are single-use sterile needles. As the needles are inserted, there may be a tingling or stinging sensation for a moment. The patient’s ailment and unique health conditions will determine how long the needles are kept in and how many treatments are recommended.

acupuncture needles

Acupuncture originated in China and dates back hundreds of years, according to News Medical Life Sciences. Though many people may be quick to toss it aside as a fake medical treatment, the procedure has been proven to work for many health issues since its creation. Both the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and the World Health Organization have confirmed studies that show acupuncture can improve or eliminate pain associated with the neck, back, and/or whiplash.

Treating Whiplash With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a holistic, medicine-free approach to reducing, treating, and eliminating pain. The pain associated with neck and back injuries after a car accident or another type of accident involving neck trauma is often the result of inflamed tissue. Acupuncture reduces inflammation by improving blood flow, increasing circulation, and releasing endorphins, which are natural painkillers associated with the neuroendocrine system.

Risks of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is generally safe to use for neck and back pain on its own and in combination with other medicines or procedures. However, there are a few risks to keep in mind. If you have any type of bleeding disorder or take blood thinners, you should consult with your chiropractor before starting your acupuncture treatment. In some cases, a person may also experience soreness, bleeding, or bruising at the insertion site. This rare occurrence may be a result for people who have very sensitive skin or those who bruise easily.

How Acupuncture for Back and Neck Pain Can Help

People have been experiencing the benefits of acupuncture for hundreds of years because it delivers results when done correctly. If you want a pill-free way to relieve and remedy your neck and back pain, acupuncture may be the answer.


Unlike many medicines, there are no serious side effects of acupuncture. Additionally, people who have been in car accidents typically do not seek medical attention if they do not have any obvious injuries. But the problem with whiplash is that it may not materialize immediately – days or even weeks could pass before neck pain sets in. For many patients, this is too late for conventional medicine to help cure or eliminate neck and back pain because the complications of whiplash may have already set in. Acupuncture may be able to resolve this chronic pain when modern medicine cannot.

There are other benefits to acupuncture treatment as well, including:

  • Pain reduction or elimination
  • Faster healing process for neck and back injuries
  • Increased range of movement for the neck and shoulder area
  • Reduced anxiety caused by a traumatic car accident or other type of accident
  • Limited or reduced need to use medicine to reduce pain
  • Overall improved quality of life

If you have neck and back pain or have experienced whiplash from an accident, acupuncture may be an excellent treatment for you. It is one of the few treatment options with proven success and limited risks.

Where to Seek Acupuncture Treatment in Orlando, FL

Whether you're looking to reduce or eliminate your neck pain, back pain, or whiplash pain, you’ll need the best chiropractor Orlando has to offer. Dr. Jenkins is Certified in Acupuncture and highly experienced in treating neck pain, back pain, and whiplash with acupuncture. Call our Orlando office today to schedule an appointment for your acupuncture assessment.

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